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If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, you ought to understand the fundamental value of crypto assets in order to pick the best crypto coins to maximize your return on investment.

As you read my blog, you probably got a sense of the time and energy I spent in sourcing and analyzing key indicators to explain the blockchain technology and the potential of crypto assets.  For those who are new to crypto assets investing, the blockchain ecosystem is typically overwhelming requiring a steep learning curve. It took me a few months to learn enough about blockchain and investing in the space to the point where I was comfortable. Learning how and what to invest in requires time, intensive research, critical thinking and analysis.

I have always been impressed with the versatility and robust nature of blockchain technology and its outstanding implementation in business applications; therefore, I will continue to research and analyze the Blockchain evolution, its growth and its impact on investments (traditional and digital).

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Watch the documentary film below,”The Blockchain and Us’ to get a historical context of blockchain and how its use and value is increasing.


About the Author:

A former EPA member, Tim is currently teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area. With his experience in computer engineering Tim tracks emerging blockchain technology developments in the crypto currency space. He became a digital cash enthusiast after seeing the rapid growth of the Ethereum blockchain enterprise in banking and trade. Tim has a successful record of selecting digital assets for exceptional return on investment.

During the winter months, you will likely find Tim skiing down the slopes of Squaw Alpine ski resort in Tahoe. If you are a skier or rider, you should check out and join his San Francisco Bay Area based club to socialize and network with skiers and boarders who want to find like minded folks for ski trips to Lake Tahoe and to other popular ski destinations. Submit a question, suggestion or comment


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