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Information on my blog/website is not financial investment advice. It is intended for general informational purposes only and I am not a qualified financial advisor. By using and consuming information and advice from my website/blog, you agree to the Terms & Conditions specified herein and to future revisions of it.

Be aware that investing in crypto currency is highly speculative. The value of Bitcoin and other currencies can go up or down substantially. Consider seeking advice from a Certified Financial Advisor. The author takes no responsibility for using information provided for any purposes.

Just like any investment opportunities, the basic rule of fundamental investing applies – higher risk typically goes hand in hand with higher returns; that’s why those who want low risk, buy US treasury notes or put their money in a certificate of deposits, etc.

While Bitcoin is notorious for it’s ‘dark’ illegal usage in Darknets and recently in ransom-ware demands, the underlying technology of blockchain is now being used and developed on an enterprise level with the invention of Ethereum and similar altcoins which enabled development of secure and scalable business applications.

Any mention of corporations, ICOs, crypto coins, altcoins aka cryptocurrency is not an endorsement and there’s no expressed or implied assurance or promised a return on investment.

As a note of caution: be aware that with the recent rules/proposed rules by SEC and other governmental agencies and how that may affect one’s investment in terms of taxation [source: Coinbase’s information on IRS guidelines for how to report taxes  1 ] [2] [3] [4] [5] and other regulations.]

My analysis is based on a neutral standing in regards to technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and any other pertinent news and information I find in regards formulating my viewpoint on trading signals(Sell/Buy/Hold).

By using Investcryptocurrency.info you hereby agree that:

1.1 You are solely responsible for your own decisions and investments you make.
1.2 I cannot be blamed or accused of anything you do.
1.3 I cannot be held responsible for any losses.
1.4 I cannot cover any losses you might have.
1.5 I will not cover any losses at all.
1.6 It is your responsibility to research and perform due diligence on information in my articles if you chose to use them.

2. Images and Content
2.1 Some images and text are gathered from the world wide web. I try to make sure that they are all legal to use on my blog site. However, if you find any images or content that I am infringing on without properly quoting or providing source link(s), please send me an email to tim (at) investcryptocurrency.info and I will make sure they are removed.

2.2 Articles written on Investcryptocurrency.info are the author’s own perspective and cannot be held responsible for anything an author writes on Investcryptocurrency.info. Disputes about articles should be solved with by contacting tim (at) investcryptocurrency.info.

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6. Terms & Conditions will be updated continuously.

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This privacy policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated on August 24, 2017. If you have any questions feel free to contact Tim.