Why And How You Can Start Investing in Cryptocurrency

As of August 14, 2017(at the time of writing), coinmarketcap.com listed 847 Currencies / 210 Assets / 5083 Markets and growing.  

Global Market Cap$139,287,755,216  / 24h Volume: $5,528,391,729

Market cap is calculated by multiplying the number of coins in supply by the individual value of each coin.

Bitcoin (BTC) Dominance: 50.8% / BTC 24h Volume: $2,511,340,000 / Circulating Supply: 16,506,550 BTC

Ethereum (ETH) Market Cap: $28,020,926,957 / ETH 24h Volume: $904,606,000 / Circulating Supply: 93,994,314 ETH

Why invest in crypto-currency?

Most likely you’ve heard of bitcoin and it’s infamous use in Darknets and ransom-ware demands but do you really know what cryptocurrency is and why the underlying blockchain technology is being used worldwide in enterprise level applications?

Blockchain’s characteristics of being a secure, efficient and decentralized platform that runs smart contracts and Decentralized Applications, but without downtime, censorship, fraud, or third-party interference are the main reasons why blockchain applications are being developed and used globally by both corporations and governments.

Key Indicators Why You Should Invest In Cryptocurrency
Investing and Trading Crypto Coins

Learn how to buy your first Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin on Coinbase with a Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal or Bank Account.

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A former EPA member, Tim is currently teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area. With his experience in computer engineering Tim tracks emerging blockchain technology developments in the crypto currency space. He became a digital cash enthusiast after seeing the rapid growth of the Ethereum blockchain enterprise in banking and trade. Tim has a successful record of selecting digital assets for exceptional return on investment.

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